About Cattery Absalom


In The movie 'Ron's gone Wrong' a young boy Barney gets a robot, the only thing is that it doesn't work like it should. Everything it says starts with an 'A', consequently it calls Barney 'Absalom!?' with a high rise in it's voice. In our family this caused great hilarity. When the idea of the cattery became more consistent and we started talking about a name, the name Absalom appeared to be popular.

But who was Absalom? He was the son of the Biblical king David. His name means 'father of peace'. He was well known because of his good looks and his long hair. But he was also ambitious. He thought he would be a better king than his vader was and on a certain point he commits a coupe and tries to overrule his father. In the coming war he sadly dies.

Some of the characteristics of Absalom do fit very well with the Turkisch Angora. They honor the meaning of the name, more then the original bearer. They are very friendly and peaceful cats. They are well known for their handsome and elagant feature, with the large ears and long and silky coats, and beautifull long tail, they carry themselves with grace. Are you the king of you're castle? Do you dare to defy the reign of the Angora? Or was it all along the cat who owned the house?