Our Cats

Yuki (Nihal von Kedi Arkadas) (14.6.2021)

This highly active and playful beauty is the intended mother of the upcoming litters. She likes to go outside in our enclosed garden. Loves to play, chasing pellets and climbs the highest shelf with ease. Watching the pedestrians and cars or birds outside is a favorite activity.

Amour of Absalom (4.11.2022)

Born as a loner, she gets all the attention of our family. She's afraid of nothing and wants to see everything. As a real Angora Cat she crawls up in your neck. She is our future queen. 

Lilly (11.2016)

This sweetheart is not a purebred female. She spent her early years in Egypt and ended up on the street there. That life has not done her any good, luckily she was taken care of in a shelter and with us via the Netherlands. She is almost inseparable, prefers to lie on your lap or on the back of the couch, where she can see everything well.

Silver (Angoraphil's Bayezad) (17.8.2022)

Silver is een stud with beautiful family lines. And promisses to be a great addition to our breedery. Big thanks to Georgina for her trust! 

Spock (Keyan von Kedi Arkadas) (21.3.2021)

This sweet soft (neutered) male has grown into a big tiger in less than a year. Eating, playing and hunting birds are his biggest hobbies besides sleeping. Don't think a door is closed properly, because he just gets the handle down. And every morning he gets his way into the bedroom to come and say good morning!