The kittens are allowed to move when they are at least 13 weeks old, if they have gained at least 1 kilo in weight and have been declared completely healthy by our vet. They will then be vaccinated, spayed or neutered and dewormed on a schedule.

When a kitten is spoken of, we ask to pay a reservation fee. You will of course receive proof of payment. Should the buyer cancel a reserved kitten, for whatever reason, the reservation amount will not be refunded.

After full payment and signing of the purchase agreement, the kitten is handed over to the new owner.

As a cattery we reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten at any time. In such case, the reservation amount will be returned.

If you have reserved a kitten, but do not come to pick up the kitten on the agreed day and time, without a plausible reason for cancellation (at least 5 working days in advance), we consider this as a cancellation on your part.

Maternity visits are fun! But the first weeks kittens mainly need rest and are vulnerable to infections, so the first visits are only allowed after a minimum of 8 weeks. We also ask visitors not to visit other cats/cattery on the same day. In this way we limit the risk of infection. Kitten visits are always by appointment.

Our kittens grow up in a home environment, not in cages or benches. This promotes the socialization and education of the kittens. They get used to children, and to other cats (besides their parents) and household noises. As a result, the kittens will leave the nest fully accustomed and socialized and will respond better to their new environment, with all the noises that come with it, and any new (furry) roommates.

Our kittens will always move with a warranty certificate. This gives you as a buyer the protection that you are buying a healthy cat without hidden defects. Even after a kitten has been placed, we are always willing to give tips or advice. We will do everything we can to assist you and help you and your new family member become and remain a good team.

We work with a sales contract, some conditions can be found below. Conditions regarding communication always apply.

* You may never bring the cat to a shelter, if relocation is necessary, there must be consultation with the breeder.

* Sales only take place after personal contact and answering a few questions.

* The cat is not allowed outside without owner's supervision and only in a fully enclosed garden.

* We are legally obliged to castrate / sterilize our cats before departure, so it is not allowed to breed with the cats without permission.

* After they have moved, we would very much like to stay informed, you can always send photos and videos