Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora

With its perky tail and big ears, it is a striking appearance. The Turkish Angora is a very intelligent pedigree cat, it loves to cuddle with its owners. Don't be surprised if your buddy comes to lie comfortably on your neck. They remain playful and enterprising well into old age and it must therefore be challenged mentally and physically. Due to his athletic ability, no cupboard is too high, no door handle is out of reach, so a good scratching post is a must. With its very gentle nature it gets along very well with children and other animals, visitors should always be inspected, but at a safe distance, until it is certain that this company is to be trusted. They do not tolerate being alone, so a second cat (Turkish Angora or house-garden and kitchen cat) or dog is highly recommended.

It is possibly the oldest pedigree cat in the world, at least the breed has very good papers for that. In Turkey, the 'Ankara kedisi' has even been elevated to the status of national cat. This cat, in pure white, can be admired in the Ankara Zoo. In the 16th century, the cats were gifted by the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire to the courts of England and France. There it became very popular, only to be replaced in time by the Persian cat. The Turkish Angora fell into obscurity and purebred specimens became rare. Around 1950 Colonel Walter Grant and his wife tried to get two copies to the US. After much negotiation, this succeeds, thus the basis of the modern Angora cat began.

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